5 steps to be nice!

If you don’t know how to use your make-up tools, don’t know for what it is, how it works and don’t know different techniques you’ll think it’s hard to do. But from now on you can do your make-up like a total pro! How? Well, with our directions that we made just for you!

1. Foundation
Foundation is the first fase in your make-up routine. It seems smooth and it’s easy to apply. It also seems natural, if you don’t put on too much and apply it with a brush or a beautyblender. This way you’ll put it on in a few seconds and you’ll cover your imperfections up.

2. Mascara
If you use a good mascara, and you apply it properly, you can create a lot of different looks. If you use mascara, you’ll start applying it from the bottom to the end of your lashes. If you try the ‘zigzag’ technique (that’s when apply it from the left to the right, in a fast tempo) you’ll get longer lashes and a more dramatic look.

Concealers must be make-up in terms of versatility. Dark circles under the eye, unwanted stains or even capillary appearance can be covered up with concealer.


Bronzers can help you when you want to get a bronze look! Each skin adds a healthy color and glows and provides depth. Apply bronzer before applying blush

Blushes are individual to add color to your cheeks! There are two different ways of blushing. The first way is to apply a horizontal line under the cheekbones and the second one to the upper cheeks



5 steps to be nice!


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