The Twelve Most Popular Haircuts For Men

Popular Hairstyling Techniques

Shaved: Shaving the head is one the most popular trend among the men in recent times.

Buzz cut: It is related to a maintenance free shaved cut. It is generally the style of army men, which offers an attractive and clean look.

Layered: Layers can be done in both short and long hairstyles. It adds flair of fashion to an individual.

Burr: It resembles the buzz cut but it is closely cropped.

Faux Hawk: It is similar to a Mohawk, which is chosen on casual meetings and fun weddings.

Caesar cut: The hairstyle is characterized by shortly cut length along with a horizontal cut, which resembles Julius Caesar.

The Business Man cut: It is another version of a short haircut, which is popular due to its low maintenance, and it offers a formal look.

The Fade cut: It is a tapered hairstyle for the men, which is also known as the Flattop Cut.

Shag: It is a hairstyle paying tribute to the 70s and is quite attractive.

Bowl Cut: The bowl cut is features long back, sides and the front-picture representing a bowl being upside down.

Spikes: Spikes are haircuts, which are fashioned with hair gels so that hair can stand up straight.

Short Back and Sides: It is a classic hairstyle that is associated with short back and sides along with some long hairs on top.


The Twelve Most Popular Haircuts For Men


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