5 steps to be nice!

If you don’t know how to use your make-up tools, don’t know for what it is, how it works and don’t know different techniques you’ll think it’s hard to do. But from now on you can do your make-up like a total pro! How? Well, with our directions that we made just for you!

1. Foundation
Foundation is the first fase in your make-up routine. It seems smooth and it’s easy to apply. It also seems natural, if you don’t put on too much and apply it with a brush or a beautyblender. This way you’ll put it on in a few seconds and you’ll cover your imperfections up.

2. Mascara
If you use a good mascara, and you apply it properly, you can create a lot of different looks. If you use mascara, you’ll start applying it from the bottom to the end of your lashes. If you try the ‘zigzag’ technique (that’


Hairstyles for Women over 30’s

Flaunting hairstyles with a Bob

The Bob is considered as one of latest hairstyling ideas, which attract the women to give their hair a touch of elegance and style. It is a retro hairstyle, and it is shorter at the back, and it is angled up front side. It is a popular choice for the women in 30’s.

Comfort with Pixie

Pixie hairstyles are an excellent choice for women due to its little maintenance especially when an individual doesn’t have time for the salon. The hairstyle suits women mostly with an oval or square shaped face.

Layers can be fun

A haircut with layers imparts a charismatic feel to the image of an individual and helps to look gorgeous and stunning.

Bangs can be stylish

Choosing a hairstyle full of bangs can be very creati

Top 3 Funky Hairstyles for Women

Top 3 Funky Hairstyles for Women

Coloring style for women

Some say redheads are wild, blondes have the most fun and brunettes are the smartest, but purple, pink, blue, green heads are not out of the list. Nowadays coloring of hair has become a fashion mostly among girls. The trend has come to color your hair to become attractive. This trend is growing bigger and better.

Crazy for Colors                                                                          

Previously color fashion was not found among many women it was a unique type of event. But now it is prominent in society. Today it is very natural to see somebody with fully dyed hair in blue, red, pink, green, etc. But no matter what color it has to go with the

The Most Fashionable and Popular Hairstyles Among the Models

The most fashionable and popular hairstyles among the models

The low ponytail

At the present time it is considered tat “less is more”. The low ponytail hairstyle is popular among the models. It is a simple hairstyle with the ponytails held in place with the help of a black hair tie. It gives an elegant hairstyle and youthful look.

The return of the crimp

The hairstyle is quite classy as it dates back to the 80s. It adds a great deal of fun to the hairstyle and it is popular among the models.

The ballerina bun

The classic ballerina bun is added the taste of fantasy to the hairstyle. It ranges from a messy bun to a double twist or a style of origami chignon.

Ultra-voluminous hair

The Ultra-voluminous style is much popular among

Best Hairstyles For the Upcoming Year

Hairstyles for the Festive Season

The hairstylist can offer a broad range of hairstyles to an individual if he or she has a hair of long length. Long hairs are most preferable when it comes to styling with creativity. An individual can choose from the classiest hairstyle to the most recently popular hairstyle. Moreover, the holiday season being nearby it becomes critical to find the right hairstyle to suit the personality. Christmas parties and Valentine day remains dull without having a stunning look to match the guests at the parties. The most popular hairstyles in recent times are suggested in the article.

Styles for Long Hairstyle

Long hairs always demand greater care, but the layers come to rescue as it helps to refresh the tresses. The method works for everyone with long hairs, but it works great with straight

The Twelve Most Popular Haircuts For Men

Popular Hairstyling Techniques

Shaved: Shaving the head is one the most popular trend among the men in recent times.

Buzz cut: It is related to a maintenance free shaved cut. It is generally the style of army men, which offers an attractive and clean look.

Layered: Layers can be done in both short and long hairstyles. It adds flair of fashion to an individual.

Burr: It resembles the buzz cut but it is closely cropped.

Faux Hawk: It is similar to a Mohawk, which is chosen on casual meetings and fun weddings.

Caesar cut: The hairstyle is characterized by shortly cut length along with a horizontal cut, which resembles Julius Caesar.

The Business Man cut: It is another version of a short haircut, which is popular due to its low maintenance, and it offers a formal look.

The Fade cut:

Popular Celebrities with Short Hairstyles

Popular Celebrities with Short Hairstyles

David Beckham, the famous soccer player, Will Smith, the well-renowned actor and even Wentworth Miller, the Golden Globe nominated actor have a great similarity in them as per the fashion is concerned. All of them sport a short haircut, which eventually becomes the trend among the men as far as the hairstyle is concerned. The men follow the fashion of their favorite celebrities and adapt the styling techniques of their stars.

Advantages of Short Hairstyles

Shorter hairstyles are easily manageable, and at the same time, it is very simple. It has been noticed, that the men with shorter hairstyle almost do not bother about their hairstyles. The shorter hairstyle is considered clean as compared to the longer hairstyles, as with longer hairs a pers